Special props and Animation For Budget Productions
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Hello, I'm Dave Hettmer, and I specialize in special props, puppetry, and physical effects for productions on a budget.
I've worked on well-known films, films that will remain obscure for all eternity, national and regional commercials, and pro-am theatrical productions. In all cases my job has been to help directors get the effects they want for the funds they have.
Today's approach is to throw truckloads of cash at computer generated effects. Most budgets can't handle that, nor do they need it. Entry and amateur level CG tools are widely available at affordable prices, but rarely can they produce effects that look as good as the equivalent "old school" physical props for the same price.
And that's where I come in. Up on the banner, click the areas you fancy to see what I've done, and then if that interests you drop me a line at the email address below. Thanks for stopping by!
Click here to see my demo reel
Some Film Credits:
ARMY OF DARKNESS: miniature practical effects
FLESH GORDON 2: motion control programming & photography, models
FROSTBITER: WRATH OF THE WENDIGO: stop motion animation
LUNATICS: A LOVE STORY: stop motion animation
AMSTEROID (in production): special props
MOONTRAP: motion control programming & photography, miniatures
MOSQUITO: motion control programming & photography
SINBAD THE FIFTH VOYAGE (in production): stop motion puppet armatures